• Austin-centric
  • a new me at Petticoat Fair

    If you’re anything like me, you love shopping for new things with three notable exceptions: jeans, swimsuits, and bras. Undergarments have always been a fashion blind spot for me in that I don’t particularly enjoy shopping for new bras and other underthings, and I don’t have an innate sense for what might work for my […]

  • nostalgia
  • the orange dress


    See this dress? Although there’s nothing terribly ground-breaking about this piece at first glance, it has a good story. This dress has seen some stuff, lived some life and been through countless laundry cycles to make it back into regular rotation. It’s a survivor. I bought this dress in March of 2008 at an H&M in […]

  • workaday world
  • the interview outfit

    This is my go-to Interview Outfit. Black Ann Taylor blazer, geometric print dress from J. Crew, and sensible, yet stylish and modern black pumps by Vince Camuto. I feel professional, polished and capable in this outfit, and yet with the bright, bold print of the dress, I feel it also subtly communicates that I may […]

  • Colombia
  • shopping in Medellin

    IMG_0809 2

    Now that the dust has settled a bit from my premature homecoming from Colombia, and decidedly feeling more ‘disaster’ than ‘stylish’, I’ve had a chance to sort through my thoughts (and my photos!) and reflect on the time I had abroad. As I’ve said several times throughout my journey, Colombia really is an amazing and […]

  • Colombia
  • coming home

    After almost five weeks in Colombia, I came home. This was not the narrative I had planned for my little overseas dalliance. I was supposed to be in Colombia for over six months, set to return in mid-December. I thought I’d come back fulfilled, with perfect Spanish and tons of amazing stories and not even […]