faith renewed


…is the city. Boise, Idaho.

Boiseans have to be more creative with their daily fashion choices than their bigger-city-dwelling counterparts. We have fewer resources at our immediate disposal, and we definitely have to be more strategic when we shop out of town (shout-out to Southwest Airlines, the only carrier left that will check 2 bags at no extra cost). I had an entire day off of work last week to take care of oh-so-fun annual doctor/dental appointments, which were thankfully wrapped up by mid-day, so I had the rest of the afternoon to trot about town and wander aimlessly. These two photos were taken at the same place in Boise within about 30 seconds of one another. This is solid proof that this place really is a mish-mash of all different styles and tastes, and, contrary to what some may believe, isn’t completely hopeless:

Classic tweed jacket, a major label bag, and very “done” from head to toe. Nothing accidental happening here. A put-together, metropolitan look for a locale that is decidedly less chic than this inhabitant. Nonetheless, a well-executed business look.

This woman’s expression matches the ensemble: cheery, joyful, and full of life. A stark contrast to the look in the previous photo, but again, a very purposeful look, with some great brown riding boots to give the bright floral dress dress a nice anchor. Well done!

And then, just when you thought that it had the day off too, it runs across Idaho street:

Pacific Northwest comfort-chic, on the move. Maybe they saw my camera; maybe they were sprinting to get out of the rain. We can’t escape it, though: this look is as ubiquitous in this city as the Boise State football fan or the Subaru Outback. Does this look evolve with the onset of slightly warmer temperatures and the arrival of exciting new warmer-weather styles in stores? Vamos a ver.

Looking forward to spring…


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