rejoice! ’tis the season

Oh, the joys of summer: longer days, patio dining, and a generally more relaxed attitude towards life that everyone seems to share. My absolute favorite part of these summertime months, though, is the unofficial female uniform of the season: the summer dress! These fabulously versatile garments can be worn to just about any occasion, and, even when you’ve found a summer dress that’s a bit more spendy than you’d prefer, you’re investing in an entire outfit! (You ladies I’m sure are familiar with this rationale.) I snapped a few great ones over the last few weeks and thought I’d share…

Belted, playful black and white pattern at the Modern Hotel

Whimsical lobster print at the Modern Hotel

Easy, breezy cotton sundresses at a friend‘s get-together

Great shape, great color, great shoes!

Bandeau maxi dress at a backyard party

Entirely homemade and thrifted outfit at Alive After Five

Strapless air-conditioning at Alive After Five

Cute back detail at Jaialdi

Unique design at Jaialdi

…and yours truly, hamming it up in my favorite color.

What’s your favorite summer outfit?


One thought on “rejoice! ’tis the season

  1. Jon Foster

    Size 10 isn't big at all these days for girls. I am the same hight as you but I'm a male, and you have slightly bigger feet than me but I have feet a bit on the smaller side for a man, so yours are perfect size;-) If yours were a size 12, that's when they would start to get big, but don't worry, your feet look in perfect to the rest of you.-J


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