bodily oddities (boddities!)

Boddity #1: I have massive feet.

Let me qualify that statement: given my height, I have massive feet.

I am 5’6″, and I have size 10 feet. This is me, standing next to my lovely friend Anca, who is exactly the same height and roughly the same size as I am. She has beautifully proportioned size 8 feet.

And this is me, standing next to my co-worker Robyn. She is 6 feet tall: a full 6 inches taller than me, and yet she and I have the same size feet.

What gives?

Boddity #2: the ape index. It is said that one’s wingspan (fingertip to fingertip with arms fully extended, perpendicular to one’s torso) is expected to be at a 1:1 ratio with one’s height. I am 66 inches tall (5′ 6″), and my wingspan is an alarmingly disproportionate 70 inches (5′ 10″), a full 4 inches longer than my height. Freak, man. It is also said that one’s foot should be exactly the same length as the forearm from the wrist to the elbow. I (clumsily) tested this theory, and, egads: it’s true! My body’s bizarre qualities, however odd and different from others, seem to have found proportion and harmony with each other.

So, how does all this relate to fashion, you ask? Well, everyone’s boddities cause an acute awareness of how certain pieces of clothing fit and give us a keen eye for specific qualities we each look for in a garment. For example: as a result of my freak feet, knee-high boots tend to fit me in the foot, but the calf part of the boot is often too big. Dress shirts will fit in the bust and shoulders, but sometimes the arms are too short.

Okay, readers: your turn! What are your ‘boddities’?


2 thoughts on “bodily oddities (boddities!)

  1. Steel

    Too many to enumerate. One of my favorite clothing related memories is trying to buy jeans in England. I had to buy them with a waist 4-6 inches too big just to get them to fit my thighs. Apparently the average Englishman has much skinnier legs that I do.


  2. Vickster

    My upper body is *longer* than that of my 5'11" sister (oh, and I'm 5'6"). Not to mention my one-jointed toe.


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