I’m in love!

…with a pair of boots.

I am very particular and strategic about my clothing/footwear/accessory purchases in general, but my checklist for a purchase is even longer in the shoe category. I know that it’s the stereotype for women to self-medicate with shoe shopping and own far too many pairs than she needs, but I like to feel like my shoes work for me, not the other way around. Each pair of shoes I end up buying must have a very purposeful place within my wardrobe, and I never buy a pair of shoes that I can only wear with one outfit. The craftsmanship, heel height, color scheme, laces, hardware, toe shape… it all matters.

Scoped on endless.com, this gorgeous pair of dark gray Frye riding boots:

Some fine day, I hope to be the kind of fantastical stylist/blogstar/respected and sought-after journalist that companies send things to in hopes that I’ll give their product a glowing endorsement. If anyone at the Frye company happens to stumble upon my meager corner of the Interwebs, I give these beauties two enthusiastic thumbs up. Dare to dream, eh? 😉

falling for fall,


One thought on “I’m in love!

  1. Steel

    But do they make them in size 62, Liz? I mean how are you going to be able to squeeze those boats of yours into such sleek things as these? Truthfully, they look great. Good luck with your product placement campaign.


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