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This is Therese, a particularly hip and fun co-worker of mine who, as evidenced below, knows how to rock an outfit:

(dress, Prada; tan bag, Max Mara)

Therese recently named herself President and Chief Overlord of Therekistan, her own country within her cubicle, where anything goes and all things fun are encouraged. A self-professed lover of fashion, keeping fit, and adult sleepovers, her enthusiasm for life and endless pursuit of fun is infectious. She’s someone whose aura you wish could be bottled and sold: the woman has four kids and seemingly boundless energy to spare.

“Really, I could have fun in a paper bag.”

I could only hope to someday be as chic, natural and vibrant as Therese is. She’s had a fascinating life and is totally satisfied and proud of what she’s made of it, as she well should be. She clearly feels the need to conform to no one’s standards but her own, and these are things I love about her wardrobe: the unapologetic twists and turns she puts on everyday classics. She wears a white button-up with a big, ruffled collar; the accessories are always funky and on trend, like the bold, wooden ‘geek-chic’ glasses that are, in my mind, her signature:

To me, Therese is someone who is just the epitome of cool; I can only imagine how much fun having her as a mom must be. She and her family lived in Paris for three years, and her time spent in Europe comes through in the clothing she wears. She’s one of those women whose worst outfit day is always several shades cooler than most people’s best. Even in this photo below, she said she wasn’t feeling well, and still looks amazing:

Bravo, Therese!


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