for Jeret

My first memories of Jeret Peterson are from soon after I had moved to Boise in the summer of 1996. He was in the percussion section with me in junior high band, and we had such fun just goofing off and, well, acting like 15-year-olds: he would do standing backflips upon request to entertain everyone during band class, and he dazzled the group of junior high friends with his mad trampoline skills at the “Liz-a-que”s we had at my house. So handsome and always with a big smile, this picture is from the last time I saw him, at our 10-year high school reunion last summer:

Jeret was, without a doubt, a total trendsetter. I remember when he got his tongue pierced our sophomore year in high school: no one else had it back then, and I remember thinking it was just so cool. For the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, he had a line of belt buckles and other winter accessories that were sold to support the “Speedy” movement to Italy. I distinctly remember watching him at the Olympics on TV, standing next to the other athletes and thinking just how much more sharp and ahead of his time he appeared in comparison to his peers in the sport. In 2010 he hit it big with a silver medal in Vancouver, and a few months afterwards in Boise, there was a ceremony at City Hall where he was honored and given a key to the city. He signed this picture for me, and I will treasure it always:

You will be dearly missed, Jeret. Rest in peace.

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