dressing up, dressing down

I love to wear dresses. I love them so much, in fact, that I’ve been called out on it by multiple people from both the personal and professional sides of my life: “You only wear dresses!” and “I never see you wear pants except on jeans day!” are accusations I’ve heard several times, and, to be honest, am more than comfortable with that as my signature. Last week, I even caught a couple of my coworkers in an H&M dress that they both own and happened to wear on the same day:

This is what happens when you work together for too long.
Looking good, ladies!

Summer dresses are just all-around fantastic, as I’ve shared before, and there’s so much to love about fall season dresses as well. Rich jewel tones, luxurious fabrics, layering with tights and boots… I’m almost okay with the fact that summer in Seattle lasted all of about 6 weeks this year in anticipation of making the Great Seasonal Closet Changeover and letting those cooler weather clothes see the light of day once again.

Dresses are fabulous for numerous reasons: I think they’re great because I’ve found that dresses that suit my body better than blouses and pants (a short, thick torso and narrow hips are among my many boddities), and even when I find myself spending a bit more on a dress than I’d originally planned for (oops…), I’m investing in an entire outfit rather than just one piece (my friends have heard this argument from me many times, and I’m pretty sure I’ve used it to talk more than one person into splurging on a dress or two). Case in point: this gem of a find, scooped up at Horeshoe last weekend:

This gray wool dress is part of the Portland Collection for Pendleton; a limited-edition line that the retailer known better for its woolen blankets and ponchos than hip streetwear is experimenting with (Seattle Met highlighted the line’s appearance in the October issue of Elle). The front flap and back cutout detail on this dress are what initially caught my attention: once I tried it on, it was all over. A perfect piece to integrate in to a fall wardrobe; I can’t wait to pair it with yellow tights and brown riding boots. Love.

I’ve been penning my Fall Wish List,and aside from a few other dresses to add to the repertoire, I’ve also got an eye out for boots, coats, and possibly a new ‘special occasion’-type dress for some fancy-pants events happening in the wintertime. Perhaps this stunner, scoped in the shop window a couple of weeks ago at Luly Yang:

Wishful thinking.



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