*hangs head in shame*

Confession #1: I bought Jeggings.

Confession #2: I love them.

So, here’s the thing: I have fought this trend for years now, and I am just now coming around to the idea that I can (or should) participate in this one. Leggings in general get some bad press, largely because their use has been overused and downright abused by people who wear them because they’re widely available, and, nowadays, accepted by the masses. To be fair, I don’t know if they should even be classified as Jeggings: they’re not denim, but a thicker, stretch Lycra material (am I way off in my nomenclature for calling them Jeggings? Please correct me if I’m wrong…).

These are the ones I bought (the Gap calls them ‘legging jeans’), and they’ve singlehandedly renewed my faith in the Gap as a legitimate option for clothing after years of letting me down. My co-workers accused me of purchasing Pajama Jeans (“the jeans as comfortable as pajamas!”, sold via those God-awful TV commercials, and that come with a free t-shirt), and let there be no mistake about it, these things are easy to wear, fit well under boots, and, dare I say the phrase bemoaned by style pundits everywhere… these babies are comfortable.

Come Thanksgiving, there will be no need to unbutton my jeans in a fit of self-loathing for having overeaten to the point of physical discomfort. I’ve figured out that the key to wearing these is to 1) find a more structured, thick pair like these that don’t mimic hosiery and are more substantial and 2) strike a balance in proportions with the fitted, streamlined bottom half by pairing them with a more roomy, flowing top. No, I am not rail-thin (and likely never will be), but those with an average build like myself can absolutely wear this trend given the right conditions. I paired them with a silk top and scarf from Anthropologie, along with my much-loved Banana Republic brown riding boots, and, although it’s certainly not perfect, I felt comfortable in it, and that’s what counts.

Pose of
shame triumph!



3 thoughts on “*hangs head in shame*

  1. Aly Howell

    Love it! I have been fighting this trend too but have been recently thinking about wearing them. I actually have a pair but have not been brave enough to wear them. So seeing as you have been so brave, maybe I'll give them a shot.By the way Liz, I had no idea you had a blog! I'll definitely be checking it out from time to time!Aly~


  2. Jana Morrelli

    Lookin' good! You're right, those boots rule. And the top is the perfect pairing. And uh, the straight hair? Fabulous.I don't think I'm comfortable enough with my thighs to wear pants that come in that tight at the knee. My legs get that dreadful turkey leg effect and I'm just not down.I imagine I'm in an old Looney Tunes cartoon where I'm stranded on a deserted island with someone and they start fantasizing that I'm food and I turn into a turkey with wavy delicious smell lines radiating from me. Yeah, put me in jeggings and I'm halfway there. But don't mind me- you look fantastic! : )


  3. Dau

    Thanks, Aly!Jana, you crack me up. You shall henceforth be known as Jana Jeggings.


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