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Last Thursday, famed British stylist, author and fashion guru Simon Doonan made an appearance at Barney’s New York in downtown Seattle for a book signing for his latest release, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. Naturally, I was there with bells on as I make it a point to never miss a style spotting with this kind of caché, and Simon did not disappoint. Impeccably dressed and unbelievably nice, he signed each fan’s book and even entertained the silly questions he was asked. I inquired as to whether he considered frozen yogurt to be a ‘straight food’ or a ‘gay food’ (a distinction Doonan makes in the book), and after thinking on it for a few seconds, he declared it “androgynous” and “best consumed in moderation” (does “a few times a week” count as “moderation”?). Barney’s even brought in champagne and Trophy Cupcakes for the event: not a bad way to spend an evening after work.

Quite possibly the gayest cover art ever concocted. LOVE.


I cannot believe it’s true, but February is just around the corner and there’s some pretty fantastic things a-brewin’ in the fashion world. As I’d mentioned a few weeks ago, the Jason Wu for Target line drops on February 5th. On the heels of this much-hyped launch comes another big-name designer/big-box retail collaboration on February 15th when the Doo-Ri Chung for Macy’s Impulse line is released (preview photos at Huffington Post). Nothing like a little sartorial excitement to jolt some life into the expanse of Seattle winter-gray-blahs.

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