it’s all around you

One of the things I really love about writing this blog as a side project (besides being in good company) is that people ask me for my opinion on what they’re wearing, what they should wear, what clothing items they should be buying, etc. When giving solicited wardrobe advice to friends, I always try to be honest and constructive. Something I strive for when I post on this blog is to always be accessible: there’s no point in sharing information if it’s stuff no one finds relevant. Unlike certain street style blogs or other strictly-photo fashion hubs, I don’t want to just report on the what, but to also dissect the why. I aim for fashion without pretension. Great style can be found everywhere, and here’s proof you don’t ever have to look far: here are just a few of the fabulous people I know whose personal styles I find absolutely inspiring (thanks to my friends for photo use permission!)…

Amy’s got style and sass in spades.

Bill rocks a pocket square with some serious swagger.
Max dares to mix patterns… and owns it.

Loving Lisa’s red, red lips.

Inspiration truly is everywhere, and cultivating a personal style is easy when you’re surrounded by great examples at work, out at events, and on the street. Take it in, experiment a little, and find what works.

Surrounded by style,


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