so fresh, so clean

Sometimes, a little infusion of ‘new’ is all one needs to feel reinvigorated and ready to take on several more months of constant gray/drizzle until the sun peeks out for more than 6 hours at a time. After a few particularly busy weeks where ‘normal’ life just seemed to be thrown into upheaval, it was a wonderful respite from the day-to-day to get a bit of shopping, browsing and wishful thinking done last weekend. As a result, I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to take on this next phase of Seattle winter before spring* arrives.

Okay. I know what I’m about to say is heresy to those of you who live in Seattle proper and turn your nose up to all things ‘East Side’ (I’m including myself in this group right now), but the Nordstrom in Bellevue Square is superior to the downtown flagship store. Here’s why: the layout of the store makes more sense, the selection is almost always better, and it’s not crawling with tourists. Also, they’ve got the parking advantage. Nordstrom came through in the clutch and proved itself once again last weekend when I was searching for a new pair of basic black heels for work after my go-to pair of comfortable heels was all but invalidated on a recent work trip. I am probably pickier about my shoes than any other wardrobe item, and I found these Vince Camuto basic black patent pumps that are actually comfortable (thanks to a reasonable heel height) and priced very reasonably. Nordstrom is, of course, best known for their unmatched level of customer service, and the Bellevue Square location has this one down. I also snapped a photo that my Boise compatriots will enjoy: for whatever reason, I am noticing that the blue-and-orange color combination is everywhere this season, and this Alexander Wang display takes it to extremes:

Call it Bronco couture.

My faith was also renewed in women’s clothing retailers’ ability to create good, versatile work basics. It seems crazy to me, what with being in Seattle with lots and lots of clothing/shopping options available, but I’ve found it has become increasingly more difficult to find work clothes that aren’t a) dowdy, matronly or otherwise dated, b) flashy, with too many bells and whistles, or c) just plain boring. The last couple of seasons’ cycles of clothing left me feeling underwhelmed, but I found this great dress at Ann Taylor that I’m excited to experiment with. A well-made, tailored shift dress that fits like a glove is worth its weight in gold, and the wear-to-work section of your wardrobe will thank you for the investment.

I also had to bite the bullet this weekend and get a new pair of running shoes, as my outgoing pair had holes in the tops of them where my big toes had actually come through the mesh and inner layer of both shoes. A patellar tendon strap was also purchased in hopes that my jacked-up left knee will see some improvement.

Ready to rock.

February is almost over, and March promises many sartorial wonders to behold; let me tell you. It’s gonna be a big month, so stay tuned.



*spring = a possible two-week period in mid-June in Seattle where it gets progressively warmer, then cooler, cooler yet, a near-mental breakdown that summer may not be coming this year, then warmer again (rain throughout)

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