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It’s officially summertime in Texas, and maybe it’s the heat that’s getting to everyone, but I’ve seen some crazy crap lately, both in print and in person, that I just have to share with y’all (I’m ‘y’all’-ing all over the place now, so y’all had better get used to it). First up: I first reported on this a couple of years ago, but the word ‘jorts’ has now officially entered the mainstream fashion vernacular. It’s also become a verb (to “jort”: to convert one’s jeans into cutoff jean shorts), and I’m just not quite sure how I feel about that yet. Other crazy crap seen floating around lately: this is weird and gross, and this would be weird anywhere but Texas. Ooh! And now, visual representations of some crazy crap:

These “dresses” (I’m putting the word in quotes because I’m using the term loosely), were spotted at Fiesta, a regional Hispanic foods-centered grocery store/piñata emporium.

*palm to forehead*

My good friend Jana was quick enough on the draw with a camera to snap this at the airport in Oklahoma City. No, it’s not a costume: he’s a “real cowboy” from San Antonio (or ‘San Antone’, as he called it). Shine on, you crazy diamond.

June seems to be bring some good crazy thus far. Apropos for today’s significance, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, especially to mine, whose love and patience with my mother never ceases to amaze me. I snapped this photo during my parents’ last visit to see me in Seattle before I moved: my mom and I had wandered into the flagship Nordstrom store (or Mecca, as it’s occasionally referred to) and my poor dad had no choice but to oblige us. Here he is, clearly exhausted after a day of roaming the streets of downtown Seattle, dozing in one of the few quiet areas of the store and waiting patiently for us as we get our retail therapy on:

I love you, Dad; for all the crazy crap you put up with from me over the years, thank you.

In the coming months, be prepared for BAD SUMMERTIME OUTFITS! EMBARRASSING WHITE PEOPLE DANCE MOVES AT OUTDOOR FESTIVALS! and other heat-induced hilarity. I can’t wait.

Summer love,


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    Thanks for making me laugh…again! Dannielle


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