“nunca sabes…”

Spanish for “you never know…”, my family here in Austin and I have adopted this as our group catchphrase/inside joke du jour.  My first experience with the Austin runway scene, this past Friday night I attended the 9th Annual TRIBEZA Fashion Show, the culminating event to TRIBEZA Style Week, and nunca sabes could not have been a more apt phrase to summarize the evening.  Featuring looks styled by local boutiques c.jane, Wanderlust, The Garden Room, Estilo, Co-Star, Billy Reid, Fawn + Raven, Maya Star and heavy hitters Julian Gold and Saks Fifth Avenue, the show itself was what one would expect of a runway show: a heavily produced and stylized affair staffed with models with that brand of impossible ethereal beauty that seems to be confined to the fashion world.  Truth told, however, the show itself was an afterthought to the top-notch people-watching/style scoping, cupcakes and champagne, and unexpected surprises the night held in store.

In a knee-jerk reaction to my affinity for well-dressed men, I snapped this gentleman’s photo earlier in the evening, commenting on the fabulous bow tie and color combination he’d chosen.  We’d thought each other looked familiar, and, lo and behold, he was Taslin Muerte, stylist and buyer for Wanderlust, and I had met him a few weeks prior during the boutique’s opening weekend. El mundo es un pañuelo.

Sharp. Dressed. Man.

Seated down the row from me at the show was Sean Greenberg of Allens Boots, an Austin institution for cowboy boots and Western wear.  Sean was wearing a special pair that night: the pair he married his new bride Lauren in not one month prior in Mexico.  Amazing boots; lovely couple.

As fate would have it, Noah Marion of Noah Marion Quality Goods sat right next to me, and we became fast friends and partners in snark during the show.  In case anyone was wondering, this is what fantastic personal style looks like, topped off with one of his own handmade leather bags.

Guys, this is how it’s done.

Following a late night of innocent-enough shenanigans after the show, my grandmother and I toured the Texas state capitol building the next afternoon: an experience I am so grateful we both made the time for and that I will treasure always.  As we walked out the back doors of the building to head back to the car, we happened upon this scene: a bride, and a girl celebrating her quince preparing for photos around the capitol grounds.  I absolutely love that I got to be there to see this moment: a timely reminder that beauty is all over the place, not just at a fashion show.

 In the car on the drive back, my grandmother and I reminisced about days gone by and just enjoyed one another’s company.  She said to me, “Elizabeth, time just goes by too fast.  You have to appreciate every day.”  I almost teared up right then, remembering in a flash the crazy highs and lows I’d felt in just the past few months since moving to Austin.  I’d had a particularly horrid week, but on Friday night had decided to pull it together, put on an outfit that made me feel good, and go to a fashion show I’d so been looking forward to.  I’d committed to myself to change my attitude and enjoy my night, come hell or high water: I’d already paid for the ticket.  What came next was life at its best.

You never know who you’re going to meet, where you’ll end up next or what’s going to happen in the end.  Life is great that way.  Cherish every day, every moment.  Relish the unexpected; be open to experience what life has to offer.  Ask questions.  Take opportunities.  Say yes.  Nunca sabes.

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