slow down, you move too fast

So… I’ve not been the most committed blogger lately. This is a fact that I completely own, and has been brought to my attention by more than one person (“I subscribed to your RSS feed, but I’m not sure if it’s working because nothing’s come through…”). Yeah. I know. Slacker. Life keeps happening, and I let time get away from me between posts. I can barely keep up with the pace of my own life lately, much less the sartorial awesomess, controversy, and sheer lunacy that’s going on all the time. Gotta keep up!

Earlier this week, I met up for coffee and a bite with fellow bloggers Amanda of Dragonflight Dreams, Jamie of CRAFT and Lani of Elle Dee Designs. We caught up and talked blogging, crafting, and the upcoming Texas Style Council in August that I am mondo-excited about (Summer school theme! Classes! Fashion! A Saturday night dance party! This event has EVERYTHING!). Coffee, tea, and wine served in a jam jar were consumed (really), along with some tasty morsels. (Here, the remnants of our treats, as photo stand-ins.)

Thanks, ladies, for the laughs, the advice, and just what I needed: a couple of hours to slow down. You’ve helped strengthen my resolve to get with it and post more regularly. Onward!

2 thoughts on “slow down, you move too fast

  1. Amanda Cobb

    It lives!!! mwahahaha.(it being your blog)Yay! I had a good time at coffee, too. Definitely going to do a repeat, probably once a month or so.


  2. Dau

    I know; back from my blogging coma! So glad we're going to do a monthly meetup. Ooh! And I checked on your blog today, and saw the word 'embiggen'. Er. Mah. Gerd. We have SO much to talk about. 🙂


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