movin’ on up (to the Eastside!)

Several months ago, The Boy and I decided we were ready for a momentous step in a relationship: The Move-In. Happy with the way things were going and satisfied at our discovery that we could travel together without murdering each other, we decided back in October or so that we wanted to take that step come spring of 2014 when my lease would be up. And now, here we are: March of 2014, and The Boy and I have moved in together, to a place in east Austin we really love. All of our collective items are physically in our new place, and we’re slowly piecing together what we envision for our home. For the time being, however, things are looking like this:

IMG_4230Just… chaos. My OCD is in overdrive just looking at this.

It’s common knowledge that moving is probably the most loathsome human activity out there, but I have to say, this move went more smoothly than I ever could have hoped. After The Boy did some research on local moving companies, we decided on Einstein Moving Company. These guys are legit: super fast, professional, and very reasonable pricing made for the most painless moving experience I’ve ever had, and The Boy agrees (with over 25 moves between us, I think we know what we’re talking about).

Now that all of our crap is in, we’ve got decision after decision to make: do we get rid of that side table? What do we absolutely need right this second versus what can be put off for a few weeks? Why do we have all of this stuff, anyway? We’d commented before our big move that the two of us don’t really have a whole heck of a lot of stuff, but now that our combined belongings are all in one place, we agreed: we have some STUFF. I have zero problems with jettisoning excess crap, so I’ve been semi-ruthless in my quest to purge all unnecessary items. Sell, barter, donate, use for kindling… it doesn’t matter. Just get it outta here.

Will we create a place we like coming home to? Or will we forever dwell among piles of crap, ne’er to dig ourselves out of the seventh circle of moving hell? Stay tuned…

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