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Working in tech has been a bit of a culture shock for me. Some dudes show up to work in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, and no one thinks anything of it. Some folks wear jeans every day. I’ve seen large, visible tattoos and facial piercings, leggings, short shorts, ripped jeans… it’s refreshing, and I’m still getting used to working for an employer with literally no dress code. I had my nose pierced a few weeks ago, which felt like an act of rebellion, but it’s pretty much par for the course in the tech industry.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit ‘blah’ when it comes to writing about style, frankly because I haven’t felt very stylish lately. I suppose I’ve been in a bit of a sartorial rut: I’ll pull the same old things to wear out of my closet over and over, generally uninspired by what I see. It’s certainly not for lack of things to choose from: I have plenty of clothes, but no new ideas for how to remix what I already own. As an experiment, I wanted to document what I was wearing to work for five days in a row, just so I could at least get in the habit of taking daily outfit shots. So, here you have it, folks: the last work week of what I wore (big thanks to The Boy for indulging me for this mini-project and taking photos every day).

Monday: (mostly) all business. I usually like to kick off the work week wearing something crisp and tailored, as I’ve found that looking the part often helps in getting me back into the ‘work’ mindset after slumming it for a good part of the weekend.

IMG_0112button-up shirt, pencil skirt and studded wrap bracelet: J. Crew
shoes: Fly London at Stella Says Go

Tuesday: More black and blue. I guess I do have a pattern when it comes to putting separates in my closet together.

IMG_0117top: Mango
black skinnies: Gap
sandals: Target
bracelet: H&M

Wednesday: I had a meeting with a vendor, and I wanted to look somewhat polished. However, I’m never willing to completely sacrifice my personality on the altar of professionalism, so I’ll often mix a professional wardrobe staple (the classic black blazer, in this case) with a polka-dotted dress. Yes, I’m a bit of a kook, but I seem to have found the right place to work to be a kook, and for that I feel so very lucky.

IMG_0121blazer: Ann Taylor
dress and flats: J. Crew

 Thursday: Dresses are unequivocally my favorite article of clothing, mostly because they’re just so easy. Throw on a dress, accessorize, done. I also managed to cobble together an outfit sourced from almost 100% local Austin shops (holla, ATX!)

IMG_0127dress: Tesoros
sandals: Lucky Brand at Stella Says Go
earrings: Lindsay Hendricks
arm cuff: purchased from a vendor at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle

Freakin’ Friday, y’all: Although I could wear jeans on any day of the week, I still feel weird about wearing jeans on any other day besides Friday. Chalk it up to years of working in conservative environments where ‘jeans day’ was a highly anticipated event.

IMG_0131top: Lilu at Anthropologie
skinny jeans: Pilcro and the letterpress at Anthropologie
shoes: Fly London at Stella Says Go
bracelet: gift from The Boy

These photos, at the very least, are an accurate representation of what’s going on at work. When it comes to going out at night an on the weekends, all bets are off: I do most of my wardrobe experimentation off the clock and on my own time. Who knows; maybe I’ll make these outfit shots more of A Thing and share more ideas I have for mixing up my wardrobe.

Whaddya think, readers? Things you like, things you’d change, ideas for mixing these up and other ways to wear what I have? Share, por favor!

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  1. Amanda

    Love the red shoes in that last outfit, and the whole polka dot dress outfit! Glad you’re loving your new workplace, too. 🙂


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