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So… here’s the deal. My hard-headedness has gotten the best of me, and for no real good reason whatsoever, I’m on a mission to find a romper that is well-constructed, age-appropriate, and looks good on my body. (I know; just give up now, right?) The thing is, while there are plenty of versions of this garment that have me thinking ‘WTF? Who is wearing that?’, I really like the idea of a romper (it’s a dress, but shorts!) I’ll see them on other women and think it looks cute, so why is that that when I try it on I look ridiculous? I live in Texas: it gets hot here in the summer, and it would be fan-farkin’-tastic if I could find one of these things that the fashion industry seems to want to shove down our throats, season after season, that actually works. That said, the odds are against me for the following reasons:

  • My body is not exactly ‘Model is 5’9″ and wearing a size S’ material. I have a short, thick torso: this should probably eliminate me from the pool of ladies who can wear the things, but I refuse to give up.
  • I’m no longer in my twenties, which probably means I shouldn’t be attempting this anyway. Many versions I’ve seen are made of a cheap rayon blend and have all kinds of bizarre details that take away from any semblance of versatility it may have had.
  • Lack of ‘in-store’ options. When it comes to clothing like this whose fit and overall look is extra-hard to get right, I just don’t prescribe to the idea that online is the way to go for this search.

Can you wear it to work? Well, I wouldn’t, but I’ve seen versions out there that could pass muster under the right circumstances. Sidenote: when I did a Google image search for ‘work-appropriate romper’, this was one of the top results:

romperSrsly? (image via

The search continues, dear fashion friends of mine. Have you found a decent-looking, age-appropriate romper that doesn’t cost a million dollars? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Vickster

    They had a not-horrifying romper at White House/Black Market. At least one could look somewhat put together in the thing. Alas, it was $120, which is too much for even three rompers.


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