organize this: shared living spaces

Getting a consensus on how to outfit, organize and use a shared living space can be an interesting process, especially the first time you do it. These last several months of cohabitation have gone well with The Boy and I: when it comes to housekeeping, grocery shopping and other domestic responsibilities, we’ve found a nice little grove of who-does-what-and-how-often, and it’s working for us (hooray!) We seem to have become a relatively high-functioning adult couple, which is both a strange and welcome feeling to me.

Does anyone else suffer from Piles of Stuff Syndrome like we do? It happens completely unconsciously; it’s like you’re going about your business doing whatever in the house, and WHERE DID ALL THESE PILES COME FROM? The Piles come and go: we seem to have conquered them for good in certain areas of the house, but they do win out from time to time. Observe the transformation in looks from my upcoming work Piles of Crap to Gloriously Organized: A Case Study (Not really, but I do mean it when I say I could write the book on home organization.)

 From piles…




…to organized euphoria.




*Drops mic*

We’re steadily overcoming Pile Creep and getting better about acknowledging and respecting the other’s preferences when it comes to cleanliness and order. It’s kind of astonishing the difference that a few Rubbermaid tubs and basic organization pieces from The Container Store can make.

Have any advice and/or hilarious stories about the pursuit of domestic harmony with your significant other?

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