free to be you and me: fashion freedom for all

Style means so many different things to people, and the idea of ‘looking stylish’ holds just as many meanings. The sartorial world is vast, and inspiration is truly everywhere. Take it from this kid, whom I met at an African dance workshop last Saturday:


Simon Doonan, illustrious author and husband of Jonathan Adler, recently penned a hysterical declaration of personal style that made me bust a gut. It also got me to thinking that his whole philosophy of ‘dressing like a lunatic’ is rooted in one core idea: dressing like a kid. Children pick out what they want to wear based on how they feel at the time, and they tend to choose what makes them feel good, regardless of the temperature outside or societal norms. Capes, tutus, wild patterns on top of wild patterns… I absolutely love when I see a parent with their costume-clad offspring out in public, because it shows that the kid was clearly given license to pick out their outfit without any help from Mom or Dad. It teaches kids autonomy and that it’s OK to be who you want to be, consequences and funny looks from others be damned.

What’s your go-to ‘makes me feel like a million bucks’ ensemble?

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