odd trends: small-town Texas edition

This past weekend, The Boy and I escaped from ACL madness happening in Austin and had a Texas wine country getaway. We stopped at a couple wineries on the way in to Fredericksburg to do some tastings, which is an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, if you ask me.  At every place we stopped, there were limos parked outside the tasting room: every bachelorette party in the state was out wine tasting. Great. Hordes of cackling Texas women with their token bachelorette decked in pink feathers and various penis paraphernalia swarmed the tasting rooms to get their pre-nuptial drink on.

While people-watching in between sips, I spotted this look on several gals and I’m just not sure how it started or where it came from. Am I late to the party? Has this been happening for years and I just haven’t noticed? Behold…

IMG_0410(Please forgive the poor quality of this photo as it was the only one I was able to capture on the sly.)

Is this now a Thing? Personally, I feel that having one’s socks peeking out over the tops of boots looks tacky (and unintentional). If I didn’t know better, I’d say this look has its roots in Texas sorority culture, but who knows.

What say you? Cute look, or hot mess?

One thought on “odd trends: small-town Texas edition

  1. Rachel Drummond Sardell

    I’ve been giving this some good thought and trying to notice the look all fall and I think it is now a thing. Boot socks.


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