scenes from NOLA

The Boy and I were in New Orleans on vacation last week, and boy what a time we had. We did a lot of eating, drinking and walking; the weather was absolutely perfect, the locals were friendly… basically, it was my kind of place. Here, a few shots that I feel capture the essence of what we saw during our trip:


Who dat? Saints gear was absolutely everywhere, and I loved that it extended beyond the typical boxy NFL jerseys and dime-a-dozen t-shirts. Dresses in this classic shape were sold in several boutiques that I ran across. Ladies in New Orleans dress up for games in team colors, but in cute clothes that aren’t emblazoned with NFL trademarks and the like. It doesn’t hurt that the Saints’ and the LSU Tigers’ team colors are pretty rad (black and gold, and purple and yellow, respectively).


Sigh. I thought that Oakley wrap shades went out in the ’90s, but this look is (sadly) alive and well. No trip to a tourist destination is ever complete without running into throngs of folks clad in Crocs, white court shoes, college sweatshirts, fanny packs, and gigantic pleated khaki shorts with braided brown leather belts. Nothing screams “I’m a tourist from Wisconsin!” quite like the aforementioned garb: personally, I like to blend in with the locals and wear clothing that doesn’t advertise that I’m not from around there. But, evidently, that’s just me.


Glitz n’ glam. NOLA loves its Mardi Gras aesthetic year-round, and it certainly doesn’t shy away from packing on the sequins, sparkle, and flashy add-ons. Not my personal taste, but for New Orleans, it works.

‘Til next time, Big Easy. Save some bread pudding for me.

2 thoughts on “scenes from NOLA

  1. Kara

    ahahah I love this post! Glad you had a great time in NOLA. You know you’re from New Orleans when you see that picture of the Saints shift dress and immediately want to know where to buy it! That’s so wrong from a fashion perspective but I would totally rock it. So where did you find it?! What were your favorite boutiques/stores that you found? I love recommendations! ANNNND BREAD PUDDING! 🙂


  2. Liz

    I can’t remember the name of the shop, but the dress was in a window of a boutique on Magazine St. There were SO many great shops around that area: one of my faves was a little jewelry and homegoods place called Tooth & Nail. And the bread pudding at Mother’s was to DIE: it’s all I wanted to eat for the rest of the trip! Awesome recommend!


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