this is not a lifestyle blog

Lately I’ve been marred by feelings of inadequacy when it comes to blogging. Whenever I come across my peers’ perfect-seeming Instagram photos or scroll through their expertly-designed, beautifully laid-out blogs full of gorgeous photos and such, it sometimes makes me feel all, “Dang; I want mine to look like that!” But here’s the thing. I don’t do this for a living. I have a full-time, fairly demanding job that I have a vested interest in doing well at, and this is what takes up the bulk of my time these days. Plus, I’m moving soon. This is my reality, and I have to live with it. I started this little corner of the internets so I’d have a place to come and practice writing, an activity that I legitimately enjoy.

So when I say mine is not a “lifestyle blog”, I mean it’s never going to be a Goop-y collection of vegan-friendly recipes and impeccably-styled shots of flower arrangements and other domestic what-have-you. My lifestyle sometimes involves eating dry cereal for dinner and burritoing myself in bed with Netflix for extended periods on the weekends (without showering, natch), and I highly doubt there’s a market for folks wanting to pin that seedy corner of my home life. What is a lifestyle blog, anyway? I don’t see my lifestyle represented anywhere in this Pinstagram world of budding Martha Stewarts and Giada De Laurentiisesseseses. The following is a list of things you will never see from this blog or its related Instagram account:

  • humblebrag-y photos of me at the gym (or any photos of me at the gym)
  • photos of a plate of kale or whatever vegetable du jour is taking up more than its fair share of space on the Internet these days
  • Mom blog stuff
  • arts and crafts or any kind of DIY project
  • me cooking anything

I like to write, and that’s really the purpose of this bad boy. This is my outlet to keep up writing as a semi-regular exercise. That’s really what I’m aiming to accomplish here: write from my unique point of view on what I like to write about (fashion, style, sugar, what’s going on in my dorky life, and sometimes things that I’m cynical about). I’m sometimes cynical, often irreverent, and always honest. That’s really it. 2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, and I’m going to be writing about it along the way. Hope you’ll come with!

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