Mexico vacation style

The Boy and I escaped this crummy Austin winter weather for a few days last week for a little Mexican adventure together, and it was just what the doctor ordered. Sun, sand, and frozen cocktails: a surefire recipe for relaxation. Of course, with Mexico sharing a border with the U.S., the gringos are all over the place, and with them (us, fine) comes some baaaaaad travel style. Unironic fanny packs, white tube socks, ill-advised swimwear choices, and more fake Louis Vuitton bags than you could shake a stick at… it was all there.


Keens are one thing. Keens with black socks are another, and are on a whole other level of fashion hell. Also: when did Crocs start getting exported to other countries? I remember seeing them when I was in Costa Rica a couple years ago, but this seems to be a full-on invasion. Crocs should never leave the house (or be purchased in the first place), let alone make it onto a plane and to another destination.


I witnessed this a few years ago, and its force is (regrettably) still strong. Americans can’t take all the blame: Mexico has glommed on to the awful t-shirt trend and is using it against us. Crass, gross and otherwise tacky souvenirs were as far as the eye could see, and this gem above was just the tip of the iceberg.

These two I wanted to laugh at so badly, but they were so darn cute and still having such a good time together, even at the airport preparing to fly home. I’m going to break with the usual here and give this one a thumbs UP!

All right, ‘merica: you’ve got your travel marching orders. No more dumb shirts, no sandals with socks (and certainly no Crocs or garden shoes of any kind). Now go forth and relájese!

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