“you’re shaving your head?!”

My hair has been all over the place in terms of lengths and looks these past several years. Bald is one look I haven’t done yet, though, and it’s largely due to morbid curiosity (plus the prospect of getting nearly an hour of prep time back in the mornings as a result of having no hair) that’s leading me to do it. I can’t exactly remember the point in time that I became obsessed with the idea of shaving my head, but I know the urge hit me over a year ago, as I’d asked my boss at my previous job if he’d be OK with me piercing my nose or shaving my head. (The answer to both was an emphatic “No.”) Thankfully, working in the tech industry means no one really cares what you look like, so long as you show up and get the job done.

hairEvery curly-headed girl knows the obnoxious reality that is the utter uselessness
of the hotel hair dryer (where’s the diffuser?!)

As excited as I was about the prospect of doing it, shaving my head had me spinning on dozens of questions: would my hair grow back straight? Or come in gray? Or, horror of horrors… not at all? My excitement temporarily gave way to anxiety as I mulled over the distinct possibility that my head is a really odd shape, or that somehow this experiment would go horribly awry.

npshavedThe always flawless Natalie Portman, rocking the shorn look.

Trepidations be damned, I pushed forward with the head shaving plan. Due to my already fairly short ‘do, donating my hair to Locks of Love would be a non-possibility. A colleague told me about St. Baldrick’s, a foundation that funds research for children’s cancers, and I’ve raised $1,000 thus far. I have to say, I didn’t go into this with philanthropic intentions, but it is pretty cool to see my friends, family and coworkers get behind this and pony up some dough for a very good cause (or maybe they just really want to see me with no hair…?)

In the end, the Big Shave happened without any tears; just big smiles and happiness that I won’t have to deal with hair for awhile. I highly recommend this look, ladies: no muss, no fuss! More to come on how my new minimalist ‘do serves me…


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