shoes and travel = sole food

WARNING: bad shoe puns throughout

This past week I was in Boulder, Colorado for work and happened upon the most amazing shoe shop I’ve encountered in quite some time. It was the kind of place that makes you feel like whomever curated its contents is inside your head transcribing your tastes and style… fabulous and terrifying all at once as my credit card is now gasping for air. Anyway, I met the co-owner Laurel and she and I became quick sole sisters as she was wearing the same pair of Trippen shoes that I bought and fell in love with a few years ago. She also introduced me to some new lines that I’d not heard of before: just a total doll of a lady and a fellow Texan as well!


I walked away with two new amazing pairs that I know I will treasure for years: a pair of blue gladiator-esque Trippen sandals and a pair of black studded Caboclo booties that opened my eyes to this line of killer Brazilian footwear.



This chance encounter reinforced my belief that whatever the secret to life is lies in travel: meeting new people, being open to new experiences, exploring without fear and taking a chance. It also reminded me that I love really awesome shoes, so there’s that. If you’re ever in Boulder, be sure to visit Two Sole Sisters on Pearl Street: many treasures to be found inside and exceptional women running the place to boot!

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