jumpsuit mania

I think it’s official: I have a onesie abuse problem. I’ve discovered my signature piece of clothing, and now it’s gotten maybe just a tad out of control. I now own six five (post-publication edit: I returned the one I got from Free People; sadness) different onesies, all for different occasions. The Boy says I should create a capsule wardrobe with only the rompers, jumpsuits and related accessories I now have, and I have to say, it’s not the worst idea he’s ever had.

LOFTonesieimage via LOFT

The obsession started when I found a jumpsuit at Bloomingdale’s in San Francisco at the end of summer last year on super sale. It quickly became my weekend uniform, and was supplemented this year by a chambray jumpsuit I scored at LOFT (also on super sale). Soon after, I found an all black sleeveless onesie again at LOFT, quickly followed by the formal onesie I picked up last weekend and a Free People number that went on sale recently. See? It’s becoming a problem.

FPonesieimage via Free People

I’d scoped an amazing Isabel Wilson romper on the Olive Instagram yesterday and immediately jetted over there to snag it. Laura over at Olive snapped this shot of my fab new find, so now my onesie problem is out there for all to see. Intervention, anyone?

DVFonesieimage via DVF

Well, I seem to have found my go-to article of clothing, at least for now. I like how onesies are cut and shaped: I can define my waist where I want it to be, and the overall look tends to balance out my apple shape and make me look more long and lean than I actually am. Plus, they’re wicked comfy, so there’s that. Who knows if I’ll be able to rein it in and curb my out-of-control onesie addiction any time soon, but I have to say, there are still some fabulous looking pieces out there that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. What say you, are you a onesie fan or foe?

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