WERK Fashion Show recap

Wow. I am still floating on the feeling of good vibes and positive energy from Saturday night, let me tell you. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect when I got my ticket for Austin PRIDE’s 3rd Annual WERK Fashion Show, but I had a feeling it would be worth going to for the people-watching alone. To say I was right would be an understatement: the entire evening top to bottom was a sequin-covered spectacle. People dressed to the nines for the occasion. I did just that in a ’60s vintage number: behold, a poor quality selfie of the ensemble…


The venue took on this crazy comedy club/fashion show vibe that you’d have to be there to see. The first couple to get their marriage license in Austin after gay marriage was made legal was in attendance. The mood was celebratory; the audience effervescent and supportive. The following is a transcript of my thoughts on the designers and performers (as taken down on the Notes feature on iPhone 6) without edits except for capitalization and links added for designers. I had procured an adult beverage before the show started and you’ll notice my typing start to slip into hilarious territory… enjoy!

Tieler James? Shit was On. Point. Obviously humble and very accessible.

Bianca del Rio was predictably saucy and provocative as the co-emcee for the night! Such an unapologetic bitch and I love her for it. Works the crowd, knows her scene and owns that shit.

Samantha Placencia? WOW. Black and blue motif expressed in this dress that spoke to me. Sporty, neoprene, fun, playful!

Rey Ortiz: androgynous minimalism. “That is so hot.” The music pairing with the feel of the show was just perfection. His showing progressed in a way that was both provocative and unexpected, culminating in an appearance by ms del rio herself

These designers are doing things we need t be paying attention to.

Matthew Arthur: industrial, utilitarian chic. The male models in this show brought all the boys to the yard mos def. hot to the nth. Tattoos, abs and swimsuits. What wasn’t to like?! All male show; very hot.

Richard Hallmarq: sensual, different, prince-inspired collection. Performer singing for the show

Margaret Cho was as crass and irreverent as you’d expect.

Joshua McKinley: euro tacky?? Pride sparkle? Rainbow bright meets Mondrian sport

Samantha Black: groove is in the heart! Tres groovy runway show

Kini Zamora: slick, chic and streamlined . Dress in a red color that couldn’t quite be captured on camera.

The Ant Hill by Anthony Ryan: streetwear with a kinda hipster, kinda ghastly grunge edge. I’d wear his shit, the most accessible show by far!

Daniel Esquivel, the hometown hero! NIN and men’s underwear?! Ummm, he’s speaking my language. Homegirl brought. It. In your face gender fluidity; raw talent and fierceness. A show fo sho!

The night culminated in a drag fashion show that brought everyone to their feet. The rainbow lights, the crowd dancing… the whole thing was, in the best possible way, the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m so bummed that I’m not going to be in town for the PRIDE festivities next weekend, but vacation is calling my name! Until next year, a few parting shots from the evening…





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