quintessentially Austin

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity for this disaster: fashion show, store opening, music festival… and you know I documented what was going on with everyone’s outfits. This is the part I like best about being out and social in Austin: you never know who (or what) you’re going to see, and, more important, what they’re going to be wearing. Whenever I go out in this town, I’m always glad I did: Austin is bar none the most friendly, creative, open, and overall FUN place I’ve ever lived. Here, a few shots from my weekend meanderings that reinforce the love I have for my city.

IMG_4841Hot look at Fashion x Austin’s BLANC show.

IMG_4830Richard Soto of Soto and Co. custom menswear. Loved these colorful accessories!

IMG_4858Models work the BLANC runway. 

IMG_4816Discovered these gorgeous beadwork designs from Betty Alida at the BLANC show.

IMG_4872Cool girl look at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

IMG_4945Homie wristband access for the Fest. Felt like a baller.

IMG_4959A quintessentially ‘festival’ look.

In between all of this, I squeezed in the espy apparel shop opening on Friday night (congrats, Stephanie!) and a Yoga Booty Ballet class taught by my dear friend Kara of Business and Pleasure on Sunday. Given my slug-like tendencies over the weekend, it’s a damn miracle I was even able to cram all of this in, but I’m sure glad I did. Who knows if I’ll ever reach this apex of human activity on a weekend ever again, but at least I have photographic evidence that it happened (and some great memories of seriously fun events!)

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