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The holiday season is looming, and I’m as unprepared as I am every year. I tend to be a bit (okay, maybe a lot) cynical about the holidays, mostly because I used to work in an industry where the last three months of the year were the busiest and it was nigh on impossible to be able to enjoy the season amidst a flurry of work-related stress and such. This year, I’m making a concerted effort to be less grumpy and more joyful when it comes to the holidays. My birthday falls around Thanksgiving every year too, so with this occasion combined with the spirit of gift-giving and the like, I’ve been inspired to create my style wish list, should any benefactors want to support my one-woman cause (anyone? anyone? *crickets*)

il_fullxfull.658841431_h8ztimage via Etsy

Perfect vintage tooled leather bag. I keep stalking various shops on Etsy for this, and I’ve found one that I absolutely love. Naturally, it’s one of the more expensive versions I’ve run across. There are lots of options for this one, though: between various websites that boast lots of tooled leather creations, I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for local shops and estate sales that may have something I’m into.

nastygalimage via Nasty Gal

Black leather moto jacket. Nordstrom is my go-to source for browsing potential when searching for an item like this. They usually have a nice range of looks and price points, and I’m able to get ideas for how to style a luxe leather jacket as well. I love how truly versatile a leather moto jacket is: it can be dressed up or down, and no one would think twice about me rocking something like this at work.

chloeimage via

Chloé bag. Another item that’s been on my mental wish list for some time now is this dreamy Chloé saddlebag. It’s classic and beautiful, a bag I’d use for years and years. The shape, size and color of this particular bag are, in my mind, absolutely perfect.


dvfimage via

Leather dress. I keep seeing these in various places, and the more I see them, the more I want one. Like, really want one. Much like the moto jacket, I love that a leather dress can be dressed up or down, high or low. I could see wearing this with cowgirl boots to a show around town, or worn with a wool car coat, tights and heels for a fancy night out. So many options!


swbootsimage via Stuart Weitzman

Over-the-knee boots. This is one look that I’ve gone back and forth over since they started gaining popularity a couple of years ago. It’s also another look that, much like the leather dress, the more I see them (and the more I see them styled in various ways), the more I see the value in owning a pair.

Now that I see this mental list in print (and in its entirety), most of these things on my wish list are leather. And expensive. I guess I’d better start saving or believing in Santa soon, because I think those are my options if any of these acquisitions are to become a reality. But this is a big part of why I love fashion and design: there is always something to aspire to, and good ideas are all over the place. Dare to dream, folks!

Anything key that’s missing from my wish list? What’s on yours?

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