weekend onesie

This past Saturday, I had a 30th birthday gathering to attend at the local laser tag place. You read that right: laser tag. (It was awesome.) Knowing that we’d likely be out and about after the fiesta, I wanted to wear something comfy yet cute, and I landed on this (totally photobombed by the cat in the second shot):



Well aware of my onesie addiction and the obsession I’ve developed with my new gold booties, Brett said I looked “like a kindergartener who went in their closet and picked out all their favorite things to wear at the same time” (I argued that I had dressed to allow for maximum range of motion whilst ducking and leaping for a game of laser tag.) Feeling sassy, I ran back inside and grabbed the cape from my last post to top the whole thing off. Then I decided I looked too much like the Supernanny and ditched it, but it was fun while it lasted.



jumpsuit: Treasure&Bond at Nordstrom (similar)
cape: J. Crew (exact: it’s back!)
gold booties: J. Crew (exact)

I’m keeping with rocking the gold booties on the regular because they’re clearly awesome, and the jumpsuits certainly aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Like I told Brett, it’s a good thing I dress for myself and no one else, otherwise I may never land on an outfit to wear each day and would curl up in a helpless ball of indecisive anxiety in our closet every morning. Though I wouldn’t wear this demin onesie to work, you had best believe I am letting my freak flag fly come weekend time. It’s my time to really experiment and see what combination of things in my repertoire I can wear that will really spark joy. This outfit, strange as it seems, really sparked joy: I was physically, mentally and emotionally SO comfortable in these things because I felt like they were a true reflection of who I was and what I was feeling in that moment. And it felt GOOD.

What’s your “weekend onesie” outfit?

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