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As a somewhat involved blogger out there in the blogosphere/Instagram world, I work to put out content that I believe in and that I think you guys will enjoy as well. I don’t ever buy clothes for the express purpose of taking photos and blogging/Instagramming it: I have a full-time job that doesn’t involve blogging, and I only buy and wear things that fit into my actual life. I also only post things that I actually do like/believe/promote.

That said, there are some things I see out there that just make me cringe. As much as I love keeping this little space on the Internet up to engage with everyone in real, meaningful way, it seems there’s some tomfoolery about that seeks to ruin this for us all. I’m not naming names, but I think we can all think of a blog or IG account or two that I’m referring to: totally obvious shills for something that the blogger/IG would never wear/use if it weren’t for the sponsorship; endless loop giveaways on Instagram. I’m certainly not knocking bloggers and Instagrammers who use these monetization tools to earn from their blog: mama’s gotta earn, and I don’t fault anyone for doing that. What I’m saying is that these particular approaches aren’t what I’m about, and it’s not what you can expect from me. There are fashion dos and don’ts, but what about blogging dos and don’ts?

And so, I, Elizabeth Feezor, do solemnly swear that there will be none of the following on my Instagram or on this blog:

  • liketoknow.it
  • loop giveaways
  • buying followers (I only want people who actually like what I’m about to follow me, so why would I pad my account with fake followers to make myself seem more popular than I am?)
  • photos of my legs in bed drinking coffee (note to IGers: PLEASE stop with this pose; it’s so tired it’s comatose)
  • me wearing anything that I don’t genuinely like and/or have in my closet
  • Photoshopped pics of me (because I think Photoshopping one’s body and putting it out there as “real” is disingenuous and, honestly, dangerous; but mostly because I have no idea how to use Photoshop)
  • flatlays on a faux fur rug (I don’t decry a good flatlay, but the furry backgrounds? Haven’t we seen enough of these?)

Honesty and openness on fashion, style, and life’s ups and downs is why I started this blog over six years ago. I vow to bring you fabulous fashion, the origins of which I will always be 100% transparent. I will never wear clothes or use products for this blog that I don’t actually use and believe in. I think that the best I can do as a style enthusiast who puts it out there on the internet is to just be honest with my audience, and that’s the blogger promise I’m making to all of you.

No ridiculous ‘c/o’ posts with stuff I’d never wear or use. No obnoxious flashing ads on my page. No bullshit.

Just the truth, and just the good stuff. This I can promise you. Hope you’ll stick with me and follow along!

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  1. Skye

    FREAKING YES. #thatisall


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