be so good, they can’t ignore you




IMG_7118dress: Ace&Jig via Bird Boutique (similar)
boots: Lucchese (similar)
bracelet: Mana Culture (similar)
glasses: Warby Parker (similar)

Yeah, I know… another dorky inspirational slogan, right? Most Internet meme-y things get a serious eyeroll from yours truly, but this one actually resonates with me. This outfit is one that makes me feel good, and it’s because this dress was just so good I couldn’t ignore it. The dress is comfortable and effortless, yet the gold weave in the fabric makes it special enough to wear for a night out. I wore it to work last Friday, then dressed it up with slightly different accessories and a pop of red lipstick and was set to go out to dinner with friends. Ta-da!

Outfits aside, the idea of being so good you can’t be ignored is something I’ve been thinking a lot on lately. Sometimes I wonder why I keep going, keep plugging away at this blog when it seems like sometimes I’m writing in a vacuum. I send pitches and ideas to other outlets and bloggers: getting a rejection is one thing, but radio silence is another, and somewhat of a slap in the face. I’ve just felt stuck for awhile now, and I’m working to pull myself on to the next thing. It’s disheartening, to say the least, and it’s had me feeling less ‘Stylish’ and more ‘Disaster’ as of late, if you know what I mean.

But honestly, I’m too stubborn to just quit altogether. If this were something I really didn’t enjoy, I’d have no qualms about just putting it down and walking away. But sharing and discussing fashion, style and life is something I love, something I just feel like I need to do or I won’t feel like I’m doing it right, if that makes any sense. So I keep going: I keep writing, Instagramming, meeting people, talking about outfits, shopping, and thinking up ideas for the blog to share with you all. The way I see it, being ignored means I’m just not good enough yet, but I’ll get there.

Have you had a ‘so good, you can’t ignore it’ purchase or moment recently? By all means, do share!

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