game changer: the front tuck

Does anyone else get into style ruts where you just feel like you want to burn your closet to the ground and start from scratch? This reliably happens to me around mid-season, when the current season’s clothes have gotten tiresome and it’s not yet time for the next season to start. But I’m here to tell you about a clothing trick that has transformed my look and kept things fresh long past their style expiration date: the Front Tuck.

Personal stylist (and friend of mine) Laurel Kinney wrote about the front tuck on her blog awhile back: I was skeptical at first, but I’m happy to say that I’m a proud front-tuck convert who absolutely believes in its transformative powers on an outfit. You may have seen me experimenting with this on Instagram recently, and just looking at photos of ‘before’ and ‘after’ the front tuck is added to the look, I’m sold on its ability to up the style quotient on an otherwise basic outfit.

IMG_7855top: Equipment (similar, sale!)
jeans: 3×1 via Nordstrom (very similar)
boots: Frye (exact)

The idea with the front tuck is that it pulls the eye in towards the middle, THEN out, creating a more flattering shape than a straight up-and-down silhouette. It also elongates the leg by exposing more of the jean from the middle all the way down, thus slimming the entire look head to toe. Brilliant. These jeans were purchased on a recent shopping trip with Laurel: I have a hard time with jeans and wanted her expert objective opinion. This is a pair I would have nevvvverrrrr chosen off the rack for myself, but in the spirit of being open-minded and trying all possible angles of attack, I tried them, and I’m sure glad I did. (Seriously, she’s amaze. Check out her styling services and book her today!)

If you’re marinating on the idea but still dubious, try it out on a couple of outfits and see how you feel.  Play with the tuck, too: it’s all about getting the right fabric proportions tucked to create that look you’re after. (Smoke and mirrors, y’all. Just like any other fashion or beauty trend, it’s all about creating the right illusion.)

Are you down with the front tuck? Any other fashion game-changers you’ve discovered lately?

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