bad cats

If you’re a cat owner (rather, if you are owned by a cat), then you’ll know what I mean when I say that it’s nigh on impossible to get much done around the house if the cat is in an attention-seeking mood. All bets are off: you’d better drop everything to give the cat some pets or they will log your having ignored them and be back with a vengeance later, let me tell you.

Brett works from home, so he bears the brunt of the obnoxious distractions that the cats provide around the house during the day. They sit on his mousepad and take up a majority of the real estate on his desk. He’s constantly harassed for food and attention. By the time I come home, he’s dealt with their antics all day and they’re ready to take a break.

In terms of distractions, blogging (and taking the photos that go along with blogging) are no different to the cats. They want in on this action and they are NOT backing down. And now, all the times I’ve tried to take outfit photos only to be upstaged by my two idiot cats, Pigpen and Hans Gruber, Enjoy!

IMG_6538Not exactly stealth, there, Pigpen.


IMG_6917Oh, were you trying to take a photo of those? Sorry not sorry.




IMG_7840Subtle, but Hans Gruber is there.


IMG_7844Now they both want in on the action.


IMG_8502Lounging casually. “No, THIS is how you pose.” Thanks for the tip, bud. 


IMG_5462Note the stripey interloper in the planter on the right.


IMG_5460Fiiiiiine, I’ll pet you.

As much as a pain in the butt as these two furry beasts can sometimes be, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. They keep us on our toes, if anything else: now that it’s springtime, Pigpen has taken it upon himself to provide for the family in the form of dead animals, so we’ve been “treated” to baby squirrels, mice, and possums just in the last few weeks. (Gross.) Killer instincts aside, they really are sweet cats, and we love having them around.

IMG_5775Such a handsome devil.


IMG_6014Plotting to ruin Christmas, I’m sure.


IMG_5747All my boys.

Hopefully you got a laugh out of this little tribute to my furry beasts. I also hope you have furkids of your own to pet when you’re stressed out or to go give a squeeze when you’re having a bad day. And watch out for those photobombing goofballs in your pictures because they love to worm their way in, whatever it takes.

2 thoughts on “bad cats

  1. jen

    I love that you named your cat Hans Gruber 👍


    1. Liz

      Ridiculous, right? My boyfriend and I joked for the longest time about naming a cat Hans Gruber (Die Hard is his favorite movie), and now here we are.


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