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top: Twelve [exact]
jeans: Madewell [exact sold out / similar]
shoes: Osborn [exact sold out / similar]
bag: Hatton Henry [exact sold out / similar]
watch: JORD [exact]

Daylight Savings Time is kind of a bummer, amiright? Though we technically “get” an hour back in November, the associated anxiety with the whole thing (plus losing an hour for Spring Forward) to me says we should just stop participating in this temporal charade. Who’s with me? (The annual meme for this time around is all-around #winning, though, so I suppose it’s a +1, -1 situation on this.)

Fall is f i n a l l y here, y’all, and by ‘fall’ I mean ‘high temperatures reliably 75 degrees or less’. Because, well, Texas. This usually means gradually introducing clothing for cooler temperatures (you know, like long pants and closed-toed shoes), and I’ve found that incorporating fall-like colors into my wardrobe helps to ease the transition.

Accessories are also a means to ease from our seemingly never-ending Austin summers into the fall months, and a great watch that transcends seasons is key. Enter: JORD wood watches!

As a blogger, brands periodically reach out to me to collaborate. If a brand or a service approaches me that doesn’t feel true to what I’m really about, I’ll thank them and politely decline. This blog is an authentic reflection who I am and my actual day-to-day style, and I aim to keep it that way. I won’t be sponsored or paid to wear something that I wouldn’t in real life, and that’s a promise. When I do work with brands, I look for those whose mission and aesthetic align with my own, so I was ultra-flattered and excited when JORD reached out to me to collaborate on a fall campaign.

Each watch comes delivered in a neat wooden box that has a little pull-out drawer on it that I just couldn’t get enough of when it arrived (basically a kid, I tell you) so it just feels like a special piece immediately. As a self-diagnosed Marketing Sucker (duh) I enjoy all creative packaging, good design, and edgy color eye candy so JORD has that extra ++, and I can say from experience that they’ve got some great, friendly people working for them also.


As a gal with admittedly irreverent taste, I’m the first to own the fact that what I like personally isn’t often what pleases The Masses and I uber-like it that way. I’ve found that most ladies prefer a smaller face on watches, so my penchant for the big’uns is probably the tomboy part of my style rearing its sporty head.

The piece I’m wearing is the Frankie in zebrawood and champagne, and I feel is a beautifully classic color combination that transcends seasons and can withstand cycles of fads and cheap trends. I also thought it did something to elevate an otherwise low-key weekend outfit: the watch says “I’m a responsible adult!” while the shaved head says “Sometimes I do this for costume purposes!” So, I’ve got that going for me. (Which is nice.)

I’m contemplating a hat purchase soon, as the newly short(er) hair and upcoming trips to the East Coast have me wanting to review all the options. If you’ve got any solid ideas and/or wish list headwear I should include on my short list, or other fall accessory favorites you’ve been eyeing of late, shoot ’em my way or leave me a comment!


This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine!


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