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Since I clearly can’t be relied upon to do much in terms of consistency with this blog, I figure I’ll just own that and move on and try to do a Links post without seeming like this is ever going to be a regular thing. Good? Good. (I’m nothing if not self-aware.)

Now that THAT’S out of the way, how’s about a few hot links to kick off your Monday!

hotlinks(image via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

This blog Bag and a Beret has somehow eluded me for too long, but now that I’ve found it I’m never going to be the same. This woman is #goals in practically every way, and her blog has now been added to my favorites. Her style, her delightful irreverence… I could only hope to be half

San Francisco-based online clothier Betabrand‘s Red-Eye Travel Dress is available for pre-order and I’m seriously tempted. I’ve got a couple of loooooong flights coming up in Spring 2017 (more on that later!) and this piece could be just what the style doctor ordered.

Still bummed out on election fallout? Me too. I’ve seen a spate of good think pieces and calls to action lately, but this, this and this have been some recent favorites on the subject. (And yes, I’m politically about as blue as they come, so there you have it. But I’d like to think I’m reasonable and open-minded enough to have a frank, civil discussion with others who don’t share my views (care to have a conversation about it? Contact me and let’s talk!)

Are you an impulse buyer? Nicole at Writes Like a Girl has some great tips for harmonizing a piecemealed wardrobe. Note to self: No more patterned dresses! (I own infinity of those already.) She’s great at bringing it all together and giving some perspective on purposeful shopping.

I only got “into” podcasts maybe a year or so ago (yeah so I’m a late-adopting old fart) and the ones I listen to are mostly for me to either laugh, think or cry (mostly laugh) on my drive to and from work. That said, a few of my faves recently have been You Made it Weird, Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, We’ll See You in Hell, Women of the Hour, and Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips. Have a favorite you think I’d dig? Please send it my way!

I’m always (ALWAYS) on the lookout for new (and new-to-me) clothing and accessory brands. It’s wonderful that eco-fashion and buying local are getting so much hype these days because Austin is FULL of amazing designers, makers and small business owners. Some local favorites are Twelve, Miranda Bennett, Moulton and now Hatton Henry who’s relocating to the Austin area from Houston soon!

That’s all for this round… if you’ve got a hot link that I can’t miss, please clue me in and leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “hot links, git’cha hot links

  1. Alex

    Nice write-up! I like Bill Burr, he’s hilarious. He recently came on Conan’s show and it was good to hear him outside of his podcast. Keep up the good writing!


    1. Liz

      Hey, thanks a lot! I’m looking forward to the Moontower lineup in April: always a good time at that festival in Austin. Thanks again for stopping by and the kind words!


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