the language of style

dress: Miranda Bennett [similar, in black]
turtleneck: J. Crew [exact]
tights: J. Crew [exact]
shoes: Anthropologie [exact, on sale!]
hat: Anthropologie [exact, on sale!]

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I love clothes. This is probably the most obvious statement I could make about myself, but it’s a big part of what defines me. I love women’s clothes and men’s clothes and vintage and contemporary and designer and slow fashion and readly-to-wear and haute couture… there’s so much to see and learn about the massive, yet beautiful footprint fashion has in our modern world.

Style is absolutely a vital form of communication that everyone should learn, at least at a basic level. It says something without us even speaking; it brings with it a whole host of assumptions and stereotypes and misconceptions and, for some, our goals and dreams. It’s like a visual résumé for who we are, so why not make it your magnum opus? Turn that shit out every once in awhile.

Our style is our calling card: it communicates who we are, what we do, and who we want to be, all in one visual snapshot.

Austin-based stylist Laurel Kinney asked “What are your style values?” on her e-newsletter awhile back, and it really got me thinking. What do I look for in new clothes? What do I want to say to people with my clothing? Who do I want to be today? I landed on three core style values that I try to incorporate into what I wear: versatility, authenticity, and fun. I also keep these style values in mind when I’m out shopping and contemplating a new purchase.

So it was with these three style values in mind- versatility, authenticity, and fun- that I pieced this look together for a fall look. I got the Miranda Bennett dress over the summer after months of drooling over the line’s Instagram feed and seeing all the beautiful colors and shapes. It makes for a great summer dress, but when I paired it with tights and a turtleneck, it’s almost as if it were made to layer (versatility!) The hat and shoes, both Anthropologie finds, speak to the ‘authenticity’ and ‘fun’ that I look to infuse into everything I wear. I mean, the fringe on the gold booties? Had to have these, obvi.

Are you fluent in the language of style, are you intermediate/conversational, or are you a style neophyte who’s just starting to define and invest in your own style?

2 thoughts on “the language of style

  1. Kamila

    I’d say I’m conversational… Allowing myself the space to live the life that more directly reflects who I am has done a lot to help me develop my personal style, but there is still room to grow into who I am even more. This will likely impact how I look over the next year or so, so stay tuned. 😉 love you xxoo


    1. Liz

      Excellent! You’re well on your way to fashion fluency. Knowing you personally, I can say with some authority that I do think that who you are and how you dress are firmly similar. That said, I’d love to see you all fancied up some time: maybe we should resolve to attend one of those fancy Austin gala events together in 2017!


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