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As a young-at-heart-but-technically-middle-aged woman (35, whaaaat?!) with adult responsibilities, it still amazes me that I’m able to do and buy things I like for myself. I know that probably sounds ridiculous: you’re an adult, Liz, of course you can! You do what you want! But even now, well over a decade post-undergrad and into a career and a relationship and other stuff people associate with being an adult, it still kind of blows me away that people look at me and assume I’m a grown-up. Even when I’m at the grocery store: if I have a hankering for a good-for-nothing, will-rot-your-teeth-but-it’s-so-good sugar cereal, I can buy it if I want to. Being an adult is weird sometimes, y’all.

Which brings me to perhaps my favorite thing about being a grown-up: getting to buy and wear the clothes that I like, (generally) when I want to, and no one is going to tell me “no”. This is both a blessing and a curse, as anyone with a fashion habit will tell you. In my last 10+ years or so, I’ve definitely seen a big shift in what my closet looks like, and I have a different approach towards shopping that I did in my early 20s. So what’s changed?

For one, money. My income at 25 and at 35 are different, and I’m very thankful to be able to afford quality pieces. I absolutely subscribe to the idea that, when it comes to investment/long-term-wear pieces, you should buy the very best that you can afford. At 25, this meant Old Navy, Target, Gap and other favorite mass retailers. 10 years later, having the foresight to save for investment pieces and not fall into the “labels = style” trap has been a big shot in the arm to my personal style, emphasis on ‘personal’. I’ve become a big fan of small-run makers with an emphasis on ethical sourcing and truly unique style, particularly when it comes to jewelry and accessories. A few of my recent faves…

Hey Murphy
Sunfern Studio
Miranda Bennett
Fail Jewelry
Dusen Dusen

image via Ace&Jig

Does this mean I’ve stopped shopping at places like Old Navy and Target altogether? Noooooope. You’d best believe they can pry my Target from my cold, dead hands, because Target is bae and that’s that. But! It means that I’m a whole lot better about not buying something just to buy it, or buying something because it’s on-trend or popular at the time. I’ve embraced my grown-up style and am happy about the things hanging in my closet, for the most part. (Always room for improvement, amirite?)

What about you? Anyone else working on developing a wardrobe of grown-up clothes?

2 thoughts on “grown-up clothes

  1. Rachel

    This was such a fun read! I’m only 23, but when I can I do like to invest in some quality pieces to mix in with my less expensive items. It’s so interesting how our style can change and evolve over time! And hey, as far as I’m concerned, you’re only as old as you feel 😉



  2. Lee Anne

    I love that jacket on you! I so agree on investing in a few great things, and then shopping at awesome budget friendly shops like Target!
    Lee Anne


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