play clothes

dress: Study NY [exact]
shoes: Miista [exact]
bolo necklace: Hey Murphy [exact]

Earlier this week I posted a photo of my new favorite thing on Instagram. I declared them to be my “Saturday night boots” because they feel so special and unique that I’m only trotting them out for big nights out. Austin stylist and all-around babe Laurel Kinney commented that I should make them my Monday morning boots too (I’d posted on a Monday morning) and my knee-jerk reaction was, “No WAY! These beauts ain’t worthy of the office!” It got me thinking about “special” clothes, the ones we set aside and break out once in a blue moon.

Obviously there are pieces that we only wear for certain occasions and settings (wedding dresses, graduation regalia, prison garb) but what about all of the “normal” clothes hanging in our closets? Are there certain clothes that you only wear for particular occasions and that’s that, or is it all open season?

When I was a kid, I remember coming home from school and immediately changing from my school clothes into my “play clothes” which, in retrospect, probably weren’t that different from my school clothes, but for some reason I felt like I should “save” my school clothes for only that purpose. I liked knowing that the clothing I wore to school was special somehow, because it was reserved just for that place.

These days, it’s not even that my “play” clothes are necessarily inaproppriate for the workplace (though to be clear I wouldn’t wear a dress this form-fitting to work. Others I work with do, and more on this later.) It’s just that I don’t want my shiny new bag or fabulous dress to ever have the association with anything less than fun, so there are certain things that will never see the office. Once the novelty of the new pair of boots/bag/dress/whatever has worn off, I may relegate it to the workwear rotation.

Does this make any sense? Is there anyone else out there who does this or am I the lone weirdo clothing segregationist who keeps certain things stylishly sacred?

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