denim love

dress: Loup [exact: sale!]
turtleneck: J. Crew [exact: sale!]
boots: Miista [exact: sale!]
earrings: Mana Culture [similar]

Truth told, I only recently became a “jeans person”. Finding a pair that fits my thick torso, comparatively narrow hips and flat bum is somewhat of a challenge, so up until a couple years ago it was a struggle to find jeans that looked decent on my hard-to-fit body and that I would actually choose to wear. The low-rise trend of the late ’90s through the late ’00s didn’t really do me (or anyone, really) any favors, as all this style does is accentuate my muffin top and eventually stretch out, falling off my aforementioned nonexistent butt.

Everything changed when high-rise denim came back into fashion. It’s a style that suits me and that I enjoy wearing so I’m now a proud, latecoming jeans convert. But what about all the denim out there that isn’t jeans? Denim jackets will always have a place in our collective hearts (mine’s this one from J. Crew) and I’ve got a super soft chambray pearl snap top that’s shockingly versatile.

This denim dress I initially passed over whilst scouring the sale racks at Olive, my favorite Austin boutique. But when I thought about it again and reviewed the library of possibilities of the dress in my head, I circled back and tried it on. Success! I’ve got it layered here with tights and a turtleneck for winter, and it made for a fun look for a night out in Austin. I’m excited to wear it solo with sandals or flats when the weather warms up: it fits into my closet because it’s a piece that can transcend seasons and occasions (more on this later), plus it came from a local shop so I can feel better about spending my money. Shop small, shop smart.

What’s your favorite non-jeans denim piece?

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