my Texas Valentine

Jacket: Madewell [similar]
patch on jacket: River Social Supply [currently unavailable]
top: Just Female [similar]
jeans: Madewell [similar]
boots: Tecovas [gray sold out; exact in sand suede]
bolo necklace: Hey Murphy [exact]

Growing up in Houston, I remember the classroom parties for holidays in elementary school as being my absolute most favorite days ever, possibly even more than Christmas Day. I loved Book Character Day, getting to dress up and parade around the school in a fun outfit that expressed a part of my personality that I may have hidden on any other day. Valentine’s Day, however, was always my #1. No one was excluded, everyone got a Valentine from everyone else in the class, and there was plenty of candy and sweets to keep us jacked up on sugar throughout the day, a hallmark of any good event in the eyes of a 10-year-old (also, me currently). It’s no coincidence that Halloween is my favorite holiday, with Valentine’s Day in a close second.

V-Day and Texas go together perfectly because Texas in general loves its themes and color-coordination. Red, pink, and don’t forget the cowgirl boots to top off the look with a nod to my Texas roots. This is my “grown-up” version of a Valentine’s Day outfit: comfortable, fun, and a subtle nod to the season with the pops of pink. Nicole at Writes Like a Girl does a Valentine’s Day look every year, and she kills me with cuteness with it every time: this blush dress! The gal was made for Valentine’s Day.

This being another year as a taken/coupled (now newly engaged!) person, I’m glad I’ve got a Valentine who’s happy to eat candy and watch Korean cat videos on YouTube with me any old day of the year. We’re keeping it low-key and spending the night in, and I’ve never been happier.

Do you wear anything special for Valentine’s Day? A dress, a festive sweater, or maybe just a nod to the holiday with a punch of red? Tell me all about it!

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