ladies, all the ladies

I have a small collection of magazines that I’ve procured from different countries that I’ve kept for several years now. I picked up an Argentinian Elle Magazine that I’d bought in Buenos Aires last year to flip through, mostly for the Spanish practice, and opened it up to this page:

I’d seen it before, but the stunning visual of it literally made me gasp. It reminded me of a couple of other great things I’d seen recently in women’s magazines: the first, a piece of great investigative journalism by Teen Vogue, of all sources. The February issue of Glamour was 100% produced by women (with a gorgeous, non-photoshopped cover shot of the formidable ladies of the ‘Girls’ cast!) and is one of my favorite issues of that magazine, one I started reading way back in the fifth grade.

The February issue of Allure has a letter from editor-in-chief Michelle Lee titled ‘Conquering True Ugliness’ that about made me cry, it was so pointed and honest and exactly what I needed to hear. That same issue also has some great pieces like ‘Is Botox Feminist?’ and a collection of ethically-sourced fashion and beauty picks from fashion director Rachael Wang that was so knock-it-out-of-the-park good, it made me want everything on the page, like, yesterday.

Y’all, women’s magazines are having a renaissance right now and it’s friggin’ GREAT. It has so much more to do with *just* women or *just* good journalism by themselves. The combination of the two is a perfect example of something that’s much greater than the sum of its parts, and of something that has the power to transform lives. I hope that kids are seeing the buzz around everything that’s happening in our country and gaining an interest in journalism, public service, politics, and women’s rights. These magazines were an early insight into style and opinions that existed outside those of my family and friends, and I really, really hope that they continue in print as well. The internet is great, but there’s no substitute for holding the Vogue September issue in your hands, literally feeling the weight of it and flipping through each beautiful page.

What’s your favorite magazine? Is it a traditionally “women’s” magazine? Strictly news and current events? Something else entirely? Gimme some good recommends!

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