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Well ohayōgozaimasu to everyone! It’s been a hot minute (and a half) since I’ve posted anything on the blog: leading up to a big vacation it seems there’s always a million things to take care of that precluded me from writing, but truth told, I just haven’t been feeling very motivated or inspired lately. Part of that is due to the the fact that I’d curbed any shopping in anticipation for this trip, so I didn’t have much new to share style-wise, and part is I think just general malaise and indifference when it comes to this thing. I really didn’t want the last several weeks or so to go down like that (or to have to admit that I had nothing to put up here, so I spared you all the time and pain of reading something ‘meh’ just to say I’d written something last month), but in any case, here I am, jet-lagged and jolted back into reality after two weeks in (drumroll please) JAPAN! 

If you follow my Instagram feed you know that this is where I’ve been, posting photos of random items and scenes I encountered along the way. Japan is such an amazing country: it’s now easily in the top three places I’ve visited thus far. Tokyo is unbelievably quiet and clean for being such a large city: no constant car horns honking! No one is yelling at other people on the street! No litter! No graffiti! The people we encountered were all so polite and helpful, which really helped when we got to more rural places where very little English was spoken (and I speak very little Japanese). All in all, I have nothing but great things to say about our experience.

As for how this trip ties into the ol’ here blog: as you know, normally I like to take style shots and fill you in on shops to visit and places to go for some serious style inspiration (one-word answer here: Harajuku). If you’re interested or planning a trip to Japan, please do reach out and let me know and I’m happy to give recommends! But I figured I’d get back to this blog’s silly roots and show you some of the Japanese-to-English translations I saw throughout the trip that left me scratching my head. Hope you giggle at these as much as I did when I spotted them.

Now this seems to me like a case of “let’s just toss a few English words together that sound nice”.
Not totally sure what the purpose of this phrase was, but it was painted on the back of a tour bus.
Perplexing, to say the least.

I really wanted to know what the word was that they translated to “doubtful”,
but my rudimentary Japanese wouldn’t let me crack the code.

On to clothes! I saw some truly puzzling words and phrases n Japanese clothing,
but this one made me laugh the hardest. Just… carrots.

I’m not even sure if they know about Duck Dynasty in Japan (it’s just not something I could see transcending these kinds of cultural differences), but the first word that comes to mind with them is decidedly NOT “happy”.

Puttin’ it out there! Uncharacteristically direct for Japan, particularly where sex is involved.

I should have bought and worn this just to see if anyone would notice the random profane vignettes on it.

Trust me, at no point during the trip was my credit card thanking me.

After some investigation, I still have no idea what this establishment does or sells. Mind games indeed!

There you have it: just a few snaps that I hope bring you as much joy as they did for me when I saw them. Laughs aside, I really did have an amazing time in Japan. There were several points during our travels that I remember thinking “Now THIS is how a country should act!” It being a very collectivist society, the comfort and overall good of the group is valued over that of the individual, which makes for very pleasant commutes on public transportation, outings at popular attractions, and just experiences out in public in general. I’m not even kidding when I say that Japan does so many things better than the U.S. (toilets! electronics! public transport! food!) and it made me wish that our country were more inclined to take cultural cues from other places rather than the rest of the world adopting U.S./Western culture, but I digress. There’s the good and the bad, I suppose.

Now that I’m back in Austin and not planning a long trip like this for quiiiiiiite some time (see comment above about my credit card hating me), I’m focused on some more short-term projects. This blog is bound to see more action with wedding planning getting picked back up (oh yeah, I’m engaged! I should probably get on that) and with the weather at a reliably warmed-up state there’s bound to be some style what-have-you making an appearance around these parts.

So long story short, please excuse the brief hiatus: I’m back, and look out because this spring/summer should bring some good stuff. Looking forward to it, and as always, thank you kind readers for following along!

5 thoughts on “lost in translation

  1. Robyn

    LOVE IT GURL! I am going to Japan in two years so I will MOST DEFINITELY seek out your recommends and advice! You KNOW I’m going to Tokyo Disney!


    1. Liz

      GURL! You are?! Are you going for fun? Details!! And YES I am more than happy to give recommends when the time comes: you are going to LOVE it!


  2. Nicole Fuentes

    Hahaha that is hilarious! I love the “I sleep with strangers” mask, so inappropriate LOL
    xx, Nicole


    1. Liz

      Isn’t that bizarre?! Such an odd thing to sneak by in a country that is oh-so-polite and proper. Thanks for reading, and I LOVE your outfit posts!


  3. Teddy Billey

    Hola! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!|


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