don’t quit your daydream

dress: esby [exact]
shoes: Miista via Poshmark [similar]
necklace: maker unknown via Workshop Underground
clutch: odsy workshop [exact, sale!]
bracelet: c/o Noonday Collection [similar]

This dream of a dress has been a wardrobe staple since I brought it into my life a couple of months ago. It’s by esby, a local Austin maker/designer who knocks it out of the park when it comes to wearable, everyday basics and beyond. The dress is in a super light, pre-washed silk that makes it easy to care for and just as easy to wear: a real dream, indeed!

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams lately. Not the kind that happen while we sleep in short bursts that we can never seem to remember (and that bore other people to tears when we try to tell them about them). I’m talking about real dreams, the dreams that people talk about in the context of their ideal job, or their retirement plan, or what they’d do if money were no object. Why is it that when we hear positive words about following your hopes and dreams, it’s usually targeted towards kids and younger people? Can’t we encourage people of all ages, professions and walks of life that yes, your dreams are valid and yes, you can (and should!) work towards whatever goal you set for yourself?

If there’s anything I’m good at, it’s daydreaming. I’ve still got hopes and dreams that have yet to be realized, and I’m also working on reaching and maintaining the positive mindset that’s needed to achieve them. Retraining your brain to let go of negative self-talk and embrace the chaotic reality of life isn’t something that’s likely to happen overnight, but small steps lead to big changes. At least I’ve got my dream dress to carry me through, right? 🙂

What have you been daydreaming about lately?

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