style longevity

top: Mulierr
jeans: 3×1
shoes: Gibran
bag: Baggu

I’ve been thinking a lot about style longevity lately. Not just the lifespan of the pieces themselves that comprise my closet (though this is certainly important) but my style itself: when I look back, my style has evolved… and it hasn’t. The clothes themselves may change, but at the core of my style are the same undercurrents of influence that have remained for years: kinda sporty, kinda funky, lots of bright colors and prints and many, many dresses. Some things never change, or change gradually over time, I suppose.

I got this amazing top last year during my ill-fated trip to Colombia (see, it wasn’t all a wash!) and knew immediately that I’d have it in my closet for years. I can pair it with multiple pieces and it gets compliments every time I wear it: it’s just one of those “special” pieces that I knew would be a heavy-hitter in my clothing repertoire.

Every time I consider adding a new piece, I look at several factors. I ask myself a few key questions and make sure it’s a piece that can punch its weight in my wardrobe before I bring it aboard the fashion crazy train. Before a purchase, I ask: “Is this piece…”

  • well-constructed? I like to touch, feel, get the garment in my hands and really inspect how it’s made. It’s why I rarely buy anything online before actually having seen it in person: call me old school, but I like knowing what I’m getting myself into.
  • versatile? This has more to do with just “can I wear this with that?” Ask yourself, can this piece transition from work to weekend? From day to night? Pieces that can transcend settings are those rare wardrobe chameleons to hang onto.
  • true to my style? Above all, I know myself when it comes to my clothes. Authenticity is a top style value of mine, and this is probably the number one question to ask yourself for ANY clothing purchase.

What’s your track record with style longevity? Do you have pieces in your closet that have stuck around for years, or do you change things up constantly?

2 thoughts on “style longevity

  1. Rachel

    This is a helpful list. And I love the phrase: “woredrobe chameleon”.


    1. Liz

      YES ALL THE YES I am using ‘woredrobe’ from here on out.


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