one shirt four ways

Lately I’ve been getting deep around here so I figured it’s high time for a light n’ fluffy style post. I know I need the distraction and maybe y’all do too, so here’s some sartorial eyewash for your weekend!

I bought this button-up shirt at Old Navy recently for $13 and some change on some promo or another. I liked the shirt on its own merits alone: cute print, 100% cotton and very versatile, but just how versatile could I make this one shirt? Could I reasonably mix this piece up in multiple ways from pieces within my existing wardrobe? Last weekend I did some experimentation and created four distinct looks by shopping my closet along with one new (and well-priced!) piece.

First up: a tried-and-true Austin classic. Front-tucked and paired with ripped mid-rise skinnies and a casual wear-it-year-’round sandal, this look practically screams ‘early fall in Austin’.

Next, I tucked the shirt all the way in with black skinny high-waisted jeans and burgundy ankle booties. Pop the leather jacket on top and you’re good to go through winter in the ATX!

For a fun weekend look, I tied the shirt in the front with a distressed black denim skirt and the same booties. I have to say, I wasn’t sure what this one would actually look like (so many times I’ll put an outfit together in my head and it just doesn’t work live) but I rather like this outfit.

Finally, the shirt tied and layered over a dress with a stacked heel sandal fits the bill for a casual night out or brunch with the girls. I love that the waist-tie trick works with so many pieces: skirts, dresses, pants and shorts will all work with a tied button-up like this.

So there you have it: one affordable shirt to create four totally comfortable (and repeatable!) looks to get you through fall here in Austin, and with pieces you’ve probably already got hanging around your closet.

Of the above looks, which is your favorite for fall?

2 thoughts on “one shirt four ways

  1. Rachel

    I love them all, but the first look is my fave! You rock the look. And I like the one piece four ways series. This is also good for travel!


    1. Liz

      Thank you so much, Rachel! I rather like the first one too: SO easy for anyone to pull this one off! And I love your travel idea: perhaps something I should cook up for a future post…? 🙂


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