corporate style 101

Recently my dear friend Kamila accepted a job offer for a full-time office job after years of working from home as a freelance editor. It’s a very exciting time for her and also a big change as it’s been several years since she’s worked in an office environment. It also begs the question: How does one re-enter the world of “corporate style” after years of freedom to wear whatever, whenever?

Last week, Kamila had me over to her home to review some recent clothing purchases she made to jump-start her office wardrobe. She describes her personal style as casual and comfortable, so all we needed to do was take her new finds (a combo of J. Crew Mercantile, Gap and thrifted pieces) and combine them with existing staples in her closet to create a solid rotation of looks to crush it at her new job!

When it comes to traditionally corporate environments, a work wardrobe can really be boiled down to a simple formula: a solid foundation of neutral, well-fitting basics, pops of color in various pieces to punch things up, and just a few key accessories to tie the look together. Because Kamila is a self-described t-shirt-and-jeans girl, we kept the shape and fit of things well within her comfort zone and we were able to mix and match the pieces in her repertoire in ways that she hadn’t thought to put together previously. She now has an ultra-versatile work wardrobe, and pieces can easily be swapped for more casual or formal alternatives to create looks for happy hour or a special night out with her guy after a day at the office. Perfect!

What are your go-to pieces for an ‘office to night out’ look?

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